Redefining the daily commute for businesses

At Easy Matatu for Business, we are committed to helping your employees safely get to and from work while also looking for ways to help reduce the stresses of the daily grind.

How it works

Dedicated Easy Matatu vans on optimized routes and schedules

Routes and schedules are optimized for the needs of your team. Easy Matatu’s proprietary routing and scheduling algorithms ensure optimal efficiency and flexibility.

Smooth commutes with Easy Matatu’s renowned user experience

The service is fully integrated into the Easy Matatu app. Your team will be able to manage and track the full journey through the app. Seamless pre-booking for employees with shared costing between staff and your organization. 


Your employees are in safe hands with our well trained and strictly monitored drivers.


Reduced commuter time for your employees as our rides don’t have stops along the way.


Easy Matatu works on a tight shift of scheduled rides.



To effectively serve you, Easy Matatu shall develop a detailed understanding of your organization and its operating culture to enable us to be as knowledgeable as possible before providing our services to you. This typically involves meeting with key stakeholders from both organizations to be involved in decision-making for you to take on the service.


Before offering transportation services, Easy Matatu will require a signed contract agreement between Easy Matatu and your company/organization outlining the services levels (SLA) required by either party.


The van(s) will be dedicated to your company/organization for the period of the agreement from the start date to the end date and this timeline is subject to review with prior notice from either party.


Easy Matatu shall go on to dispatch a van(s) as per the scope of work agreed on with you that will take effect from the inception date until the end of the agreement. 


A work scope plan shall be filled in indicating the service levels, number of employees to transport, duration of transportation, places of residence for the staff and time frame for employees to move


To be discussed with Easy Matatu