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How does one become an Easy Matatu Driver?

Who is an Easy Matatu Driver

This is a minibus driver who has partnered with Easy Matatu to provide schedule rides to commuters using the Easy Matatu platform.



He/she has a clean driving record for a minimum of 3 years with a valid DL level driving permit.


The vehicle has a valid PMO/PSV license and updated third-party insurance.

How a driver works with Easy Matatu

All Easy Matatu drivers receive road safety, defensive driving, customer care and vehicle maintenance training.


We expect the driver to keep his car clean at all times. He must work in a timely manner. The driver must display good character and care to customers. The driver is also expected to comply with the Easy Matatu code of conduct and driver policy

What are the steps to sign up? Become an Easy Matatu Driver.

You will get started by sharing some information about yourself and the vehicle.

We will need to review:

  • Driver’s permit
  • Vehicle registration/logbook
  • Additional information documents for driver screening

Once we have approved your required documents a training and vehicle inspection date will be scheduled for you/

Payment and benefit

We pay our driver on a trip by trip basis.

Driver trip cancellation

In case the driver is not able to make it for a particular route assignment, he is expected to call the route manager in charge to cancel his appointment at least 24 hours before.

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