Easy Matatu COVID-19 relief effort

Our mission at Easy Matatu has always been to improve the lives of commuters and drivers in the informal minibus industry. However, due to the current pandemic, we have been greatly limited in doing this. On 25th March it was necessary, for the safety of our clients and drivers, to suspend our daily operations, nevertheless this did not stop us from doing our best to impact our community in this season as listed below:

  • Partnered with Toyota Uganda to provide transport for medicals workers to and from Mukono General Hospital. This has made it possible for them to continue providing much-needed help and medical care to patients in this most trying season.
  • Sent 35+ drivers who have worked with and been trained by Easy Matatu a Ushs 50,000 one time unconditional cash transfer. These drivers, who are among the vulnerable poor, have been affected the most during this lockdown as most live hand to mouth. This money permitted them to purchase basic food rations for their households for at least a month.
  • Continue to safely and reliably transport staff for companies that provide essential services including Toyota Uganda.
  • Maintained 15 staff members to ensure we are able to serve our community even in the midst of the pandemic.

As we stand together we shall continue to be a light in this situation to our community and stakeholders.