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<strong>How To Purchase An Item Using Your Easy Matatu Points.</strong>

The points accumulated after every ride you book and take with Easy Matatu are used to purchase items from the Easy Matatu online shop in the App under three lines in the upper left corner

  • Simply open your Easy Matatu app and tap on the three lines in the upper left corner to access the sidebar
  • Note how many points you have
  • Scroll down till you see the images of the items and tap “REDEEM NOW” on the one(s) equivalent to the points you have
  • A pop-up will appear letting you know your item(s) will be delivered on your next ride
  • If you logged in to the App using an email account, the order notification will be shared on your email
  • If you logged in to the App using a contact number, you receive a push notification confirming your order
  • Kindly wait for a call from the support team within five working days confirming your travel date, time, and route before delivery of your purchased item(s)
  • Your shopped items are delivered ONLY on your next ride 

Want to share your feedback? Kindly reach out on WhatsApp at +256 770 315 643

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<strong>How To Check Your Easy Matatu Points & Rider Level.</strong>

Amazingly, you can check on your current points balance and keep track of them from the convenience of your own home, office, or car at any time.

  • Simply open your Easy Matatu app and tap on the three lines in the upper left corner to access the sidebar
  • Tap “Shop”, and your points will be displayed at the top under your registered name
  • You can also see your reward level. It will be highlighted in gold among the three levels displayed

In case you need more clarification or your points are not what you expected, kindly reach out on WhatsApp at +256 770 315 643 

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Easy Matatu News

We are excited to welcome you to the first edition of Easy Matatu’s weekly newsletter. You will always be the first to hear about Easy Matatu news.
To get started, here are a few things to look out for this March.

Easy Matatu Rewards

Enter contests to win weekly/monthly mega prizes by simply taking as many rides as possible every week to earn points which help you unlock different rewards levels.

Over 500 customers have received prizes to-date since we launched in November 2021.

Continuous rewarding of customers on a weekly/monthly basis is always ongoing. 

The prizes are in form of fancy branded mercha e.g hoodiestravel mugs, umbrellas for the rainy season, cash prizes and so much more.

Here are some of the winners from the past:

From Najjera, Namirimu Josephine was able to bag a 40 inch smart hisense television set for taking 40 rides in the month of November, 2021

From Entebbe, Bartha Marie was able to bag a hisense refridgerator for taking 40 rides in the 4 weeks leading to Valentines day, 2022

Easy Matatu’s March 2022 rewards prize 

Refer 3 friends to Easy Matatu this March and get them to sign up using your referral code. If each of them completes 2 rides, you will enter the draw to win a washing machine

Earn and Redeem Points

Earned points are used to shop for merchandize from the Easy Matatu Shop

Tuesday and Friday Offers

Earn double your points for each ride that you take every Friday

Enjoy a free refreshing snack on an Easy Matatu every Tuesday evening on your commute back home

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Jaguza Ewakaaaa!

Celebrating our Customers with the #JaguzaEwakaCampaign:

In appreciation for your continuous support, within the next 4 weeks, we shall be running a campaign dubbed #JaguzaEwaka that will be crowned with a grand draw where you, our customer with the greatest growth in the number of ride bookings throughout the campaign shall win a one month’s free household essentials shopping spree.

We shall also be rewarding weekly winners on each route who will register the highest increment of ride bookings during a particular week. The weekly winners shall be receive branded T-shirts, branded travel mugs, umbrellas, data and airtime bundles.

To participate, simply book and take as many rides as you can with our Easy Matatu app. For any enquiries please reach out to us at 0800220745.

Terms and conditions apply.

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