Easy Matatu has recently introduced the USSD option for the offline users

Easy Matatu, a public transport startup recently launched their USSD app at their head office in Entebbe.

Customers can now signup, book and cancel a ride at no cost by dialling *284*28#.

The USSD app perfectly integrates with the Android and iOS app synchronising all user data when the user acquires a smartphone.

Speaking at the launch, Andrew Lema, chief executive officer at Easy Matatu said that the advancement was inspired by the need to make the platform accessible to people from all walks of life.

“Easy Matatu was established in 2019 with the intent to impact and improve on transportation in the commuter taxi industry in Uganda and having served over 12,000 passengers with more than 20 trips operated daily, it was substantial to consider an inclusive approach,” he added.

According to a report by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the number of registered smartphone users was 5.6 million in 2019.

“This was indicative a majority of commuters are without smartphones however, more than 24 million Ugandans have a mobile phone therefore the USSD app will enable us better serve our customers and also aid in providing easier and faster travel services to more Ugandans” he noted.

Lema urged Ugandans to opt for highly professional services that offer safer and well-situated travel experiences, adding that establishments like Easy Matatu will continuously innovate to ensure they redefine public transport for commuters and positively impact the transport industry in Uganda at large.

Oscar Thomas Kalyango, the marketing manager at Easy Matatu said that the app is an addition to an already existing application and free hotline that customers can use to pay for rides.

“With the addition of the USSD app, more people will be able to book rides, by simply dialing *284*28# whether they have a smartphone or mobile phone,” he said.

Kalyango added that Easy Matatu aims at providing readily available rides, while ensuring they are safe, clean and convenient for their commuters.

“Commuters can book and pay for seats on scheduled rides by trained Easy Matatu minibus taxis. Operations are currently on Entebbe, Najjera, Kira, Seeta and Mukono roads.” he concluded

Easy Matatu offers a free token ride when you book a scheduled ride

Just the other day, I was conversing with a colleague of mine about carpool apps trying to make headway in a cutthroat transport sector. But today, I came across an even better idea: Easy Matatu [easymatatu.com]. Easy Matatu is a mobile platform that connects commuters and allows them to book scheduled rides. In a nutshell, Easy Matatu is Safeboda on four wheels. Forgive the analogy.

I must say I am a seasoned commuter via taxis (matatus) As such, elbowing a fellow commuter out of the way in order to board before them is a skill I had to learn fast or walk home. And more to that, during rush hour, taxis are scarce and the fares shoot up depending on how annoyed the taxi driver/conductor might be that day.

From the little we know, East Matatu is partnering with regular taxis to offer the service. You get designated pickup and dropoff areas to choose from depending on what’s convenient for you.

East Matatu is offering a free first ride for first-timers. Once you download the app and schedule a ride, your first rodeo will be completely free of charge. Afterwards, the fares will be no different from the usual, save for a small top-up for the service (usually UGX 1,000).

Secondly, once you share a free ride with a friend, you receive UGX 5,000 in your wallet when they book a ride. We are not yet sure if this accumulates the more people you get on board or not.